Red Black Tree is an entirely Serbian software company with 7 years of experience in the industry. Our offices are located in Belgrade and Čačak, with approximately 50 team members at the moment.

Our focus is on software development, mostly for clients in the USA. We’ve been dedicated to quality assurance, meeting deadlines, professionalism and personal progress. We are a team that provides more than it's promised - whenever it’s possible, which is the case most of the time. That’s how we have acquired high-quality collaborations and long-term projects which provide us with stability.

We value a friendly and positive environment - that’s why we put an extra effort into keeping everything exceptional, from relations with co-workers to the office equipment.

Applied technologies are picked based on the project requirements. Those are mainly complete systems, which include mobile apps, Web, backend, databases, cloud, APIs, which will help you acquire a broad and high-quality knowledgde base. We’re not afraid to use modern technologies, just like we did with e.g. .NET Core, Elixir, Kotlin and others before they became widespread.

If you love programming and want to excel at it - let us know!